loneman photography is a family owned , Bozeman, Montana based business run by husband and wife; Doug Loneman and Stana Milodragovich.

loneman photography’s modern images are based in photojournalism and rooted in the belief that portraits should be more than beautiful. Their photographs embrace emotion, life and soul.

Doug has been photographing over 25 years. While working as a photojournalist he was 5 years in a row named one of the top 10 newspaper photographers in the country and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Since leaving photojournalism the quality of his work has grown by leaps and bounds. He now photographs what he loves: portraits and emotion.

Stana is the one everyone loves the most: kind and sincere. She is committed to making each clients experience the best possible; from the time you book a session to the purchase of your prints and products.

loneman photography | great images and even better customer service

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