Montana Family Photography

Today I’m making prints for families from fall sessions. This ought’a warm up winter in their house. Our approach to family photography is to use the beauty of the mountains around Bozeman and Big Sky to make a family photo that is active and artful. Sunset and sunrise are great times of day for showing the depths of the Montana mountains and sky.

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Pretty + Fun = Montana Wedding

Montana is the perfect place to combine elegance, beauty and fun to create a perfect wedding.


Bozeman Childrens Photographer

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We were so fortunate to be asked to photograph Paizley’s first birthday party. Her parents are going to have a fun book to give her someday when she is old enough to appreciate how much they do to make her life safe and happy.




Bozeman Wedding Photographer

When groomsmen get into the fun of the wedding, then for sure it’s going to be a good time for everyone. These groomsmen were all for one and one for all at a Woodlands wedding last year near Bozeman. The fun filters down to the rest of the wedding party and then to the couple and then throughout the guests. 


Bozeman Summer Days

Almost four months of winter to go and I am already hungry for the gentle summer evenings in Bozeman and Montana. As a photographer, those are the best days for making images. I probably shouldn’t look back at images like this in the winter. It just makes summer that much further away. But this images does fill me with hope and it’s nice to look back on the innocence of childhood in this image.



Montana Wedding Photography

Montana is a fantastic place for wedding photography and a great place for a destination wedding. Couples love sharing the beauty of Montana with their families who travel to Montana for the vows. And I love sharing the beauty of Montana with our couples in their images and albums for the rest of their lives. The landscape and big skies of Montana are a lot to compete with but I love the challenge of taking the couples breath away with the images from their wedding day.



Montana Winter Engagement

Last week we photographed newly-engaged couple outside Bozeman, Montana. He had just popped the question five days earlier. It is so great to see the excitement of life time ahead in their eyes and the way they touch one another. 



Retro Wedding

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We are adventurous and so are many of our clients. I’m working on this couple’s images this week. They will be getting some straight ahead color images but added to the mix will be many black/white and retro color images like the one below. It’s all about creating art images to last for the generations and make an artistic statement with the wedding images.




There is so much range of emotion on a wedding day. Our photos tell the story of the day through the tears and smiles throughout the Big Day, and we love giving those images to our couples. Nothing is more satisfying for us.





Montana Winter Evening

The family ranch house in Montana on a snowy winter night; so much warmth and so many wonderful memories.



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