Christmas Baby

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This baby was born just in time to make the trip with family to Big Sky, Montana. We photographed the family today at the MoonLight Resort in Big Sky.  It was 25 below zero today but around the fireplace we were all so completely comfortable.



Winter Engagement Session

Newly fallen snow and a brisk morning made for a storybook engagement session this morning outside Bozeman, Montana for this couple who plan to wed in Big Sky, Montana this coming summer.



We truly care about Clients

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Our wedding clients are much more than an assignment for us. They become our friends and we pour ourselves into their wedding throughout the planning, engagement session, the Big Day and finally throughout the album design. Seeing them so happy and having a good time on their wedding day, and then once again when they get their wedding album is so very satisfying for us.

Here is a review we received from Heather and Tim who were married at The Woodlands outside Bozeman, Montana.

see more of their wedding on this link (click here)



One of the best decisions we made in the planning of our wedding was booking Loneman Photography. Searching for our wedding photographer was rather time consuming, and we thought it may never end. We spent countless hours viewing galleries and portfolios and must have emailed a dozen photographers to inquire about services. All the pictures were NICE, but that just wasn’t going to cut it. Then we discovered Loneman Photography. Doug’s work is unforgettably artistic and absolutely breathtaking. We LOVED all of his pictures, so we set up a meeting. As if we weren’t sure enough before, meeting Doug and his lovely wife Stana, sealed the deal. They are two of the nicest people we’ve ever met. Truly genuine…the kind of people you feel lucky to have in your life, let alone be a part of your wedding!! Stana was constantly giving us ideas and sending us to fun vintage stores to check out the selection to complete the vintage look at our wedding. Doug and his assistant Becca are so much fun to be around and they work so well as a team. We couldn’t be any happier with how the pictures turned out, they are absolutely STUNNING! But, Loneman Photography is about so much more than just breath-taking photos; it’s unbelievable service. From the time we first met them until AFTER the wedding when we went to pick up our album they were there. Committed. Ensuring that our experience was one we will cherish forever. Our pictures will stay with us forever, and we knew we wanted them to be magical, but we didn’t realize just how amazing they would be. I tear up every time we look through them. Thank you guys for being the best! We LOVE you!
Tim & Heather



Flying Cat

We photograph everything here; always with a sense of beauty and hug amount of emotion and a dash of humor when possible.



The Last Gift

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A couple weeks ago I received the last Christmas gift from Auntie Mitzie. Now I am unsure if really want to open it, or if I do; when.
Auntie Mitzie passed away in October. She collected Christmas gifts throughout the year so everyone had at least three or four gifts. Cousins Mark and Mary sorted through her house after she passed and among the treasures were Christmas gifts for family; some wrapped and some not yet wrapped. It meant so much to her to pick out just the right gifts and hand them out Christmas eve. I think December 24th and July 4th were her favorite days of the year.
She always gave me a shirt or sweater. (On sale of course.) She nailed it every year, so I asked her how she always knew what to give me. She said, “I go into the men’s department and find the dullest drabbest shirt I can find and I know you’ll just love it.” Exactly.
Two months later, I can hardly believe she is really gone. I miss her so so much.
Now I’ve come to see that the best gift is not what is inside the wrapped box.
But that doesn’t stop me from shaking the box and hoping it’s another dull drab shirt that I will “just love.”



Beautiful Montana

We love love love giving our clients the gift of Montana’s incredible scenery in their images.

Many of our clients travel to Montana for weddings or family vacations and want to have visual memories of their time here. And our clients who live near Bozeman or throughout Montana love the scenery in their images so they can be reminded daily why they live here.


chicowedddingapril201417 LUCAS mollyjohn1

White Christmas


Winter has finally Arrived

Winter has finally arrived in Bozeman and Big Sky. If you are looking for a quick and scenic and yet easily accessible winter hike in the Big Sky, Montana area, try this hike at Ousel Falls just past the Meadow Village.

Here’s a link with a map:



For the love of Dogs

One of the truly fun things for us to do is photograph the bond of love between people and their pets. The images alway touch our hearts.



Art Surrounds Us

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During the middle of a Commercial and Family Session I turned to find this beautiful scene away from where we were photographing at Hyalite near Bozeman, Montana. It reminds me to be aware of the immense amount of art that surrounds us every day if we take the time to see it.


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