Winter Engagement Session

This past weekend we had a very fun engagement session in Bozeman with a couple from the Bay Area. It seems a lot of people around the country are finding Montana and are coming here for all the right reasons. People are looking for a place where they can get close to nature easily, take life in stride and meet friendly faces when they walk the streets and trails. This couple fits in perfectly; lovely people.


It’s the Small Things


Weddings are full of many grand and small moments. The big moments take your breath away and wow everyone. But often it is the collective small moments that when strung together hold the story of the day together. I am always looking for the red flag images that are anchor a couple’s album, but at the same time I look for the images that could be otherwise overlooked. Those are the little gems that make me happy to photograph weddings. The following photo is one of those very small moments I love to find.



Kids will make your life worth it


all the sleepless nights, the sacrifices, the worry and fretting….it’s all worth it



Wedding Day Emotions

Wedding Day Emotions: that moment when a woman puts on her wedding dress and after months of planning finally feels like a bride. 

This wonderful moment took place at a Big Sky, Montana wedding last month. Each wedding holds some many moments of pure honest emotion. It makes our job fun.



Best of 2013 Weddings


…let us know which image(s) are your favs…….
Here are some of our favorite moments from our client’s 2013 Weddings throughout the Big Sky of Montana. It was difficult to get the gallery down to just 108 images; a lot of photos but there are so many emotional and beautiful images from each wedding. We could have chosen 108 images from each wedding.

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