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We photograph weddings in all conditions and in any location throughout Montana and the United States. For us it is fun to be challenged to photograph in places new to us and to conquer the difficulties of some locations. This wedding album was great and the album turned out equally well. The biggest challenge was making images during the hottest and brightest part of the day with the sun directly over head along a river bank with no shade to soften the light. After 25 years of photojournalism and 350 weddings I have discovered at least one very important thing:


There is always a way to make wonderful images.


Winter Wedding

Last weekend’s wedding of Sara and Michael in Big Sky, Montana at Moonlight Basin was nearly perfect. (We don’t believe perfect really exists, so this wedding was pretty darn great) It was elegant, beautiful and magical….but best of all the couple and their guests had a great time and took the day as it was presented in great stride. The images speak for the wedding better than any words can….enjoy.

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Our graphic artist Kalynne works with our wedding images a few weeks following the event to create pages from which couples choose. She and our couples work closely via the Internet to get exactly what each couple will cherish the rest of their lives. 

The following album is from Cassie and Ben’s wedding in Cazenovia, New York. We are based in Bozeman, Montana and many of our wedding take place within Montana, but we travel occasionally to far flung places. We’ve photographed weddings in Italy, Florida, Texas, Alaska, Oregon and Hawaii.



Elegant Winter Wedding

Simple, Elegant, Beautiful, Heartfelt…..the key words to creating a winter wedding at the top of the world in Big Sky, Montana at Moonlight Basin.



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