Last week we photographed these really fun brothers….each different from one another, each an individually interesting kid.



Large Art and Modern Family Portraits

We love Big Art. This fine art canvas from a family portrait session last summer is 48″x36″ and commands your attention when you enter the room. The 5×7 framed prints on the coffee table are hardly noticeable. The Big Art is more costly but it’s one-of-kind art and costs less than that sofa that rarely gets used. Big Art brings a warm smile to your heart every single day.



2012 Travel Images


Bozeman’s Hotel Baxter Sign Returns

After years in the dark, the historic Hotel Baxter sign in downtown Bozeman was turned back on last night. The signature Bozeman landmark sign is said to be able to be seen from as far away as Butte.


baxter2 baxter1


Happiness is a Dog Running


Yellowstone National Park in Winter

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