A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is universal and timeless, and an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Montana Marriage Celebration

We photograph a lot of weddings  and with each wedding encourage the couples to be themselves and make the day their very own. I go into the wedding looking to photograph each couples personality, and not wanting to force them into images that do not match who they are. This couple was a perfect example. I asked them to play following the ceremony and this is what happened when they saw two Scottish Highland cattle jousting in the adjoining field. Some couples have a quieter relationship and those are lovely and fun to photograph as well; each couple is different and each is a treat to photograph.

New York Wedding

Last weekend I photographed a fun loving couple in Cazenovia in upstate New York. I travel throughout the world for weddings and it never fails that each place and each couple and each wedding is as special as the one before. I’ve photographed from Hawaii to Italy to Butte, Montana. There is always beauty and happiness in each location.



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