Born to Be Happy

How great it is to be born THIS happy. And of course he has so much to be happy about….two fantastic parents who love him dearly.


Seniors….class of 2013

Congratulations Class of 2013. Your junior year is almost done and soon you’ll be seniors; the top of the heap.

We have a few new things going on this year for senior portraits: this year you can decide exactly which type of session suits you best and go with an intensive urban or outdoor or studio session. If you want the works; we can take you to multiple locations for an extended amount of time and use more of your clothing.

This year we are adding video/photo fusion shows to our offerings. Here are two samples: ¬†Kelsey……….Diana

Based upon what you order after the session, you could purchase the fusion show for a greatly reduced rate or even get a free video to play on any device.

For more details and an idea of how we work, take  look at 0ur latest Senior Magazine below.

As always we only accept 50 senior clients each year.

If you would like to be one of our 50, give us a call soon to schedule your senior session.

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