Family Reunion at Showdown

This past weekend we photographed a family reunion at Showdown Ski Area outside Great Falls, Montana. Showdown is a family owned business and many of the family had grown up skiing at Showdown and so it was the perfect place to have a reunion.

The weekend was very touching, not only because family was reconnecting, but also because a family member passed away the week before. It was not only a reunion but also a memorial on the ski hill for Dick Hall.  I have photographed a few family memorial services and each is so very special. Clearly Dick was deeply loved by the family.

A tree and skis half way up the hill marks a family memorial where four of the family are remembered.  Below are a few images from the weekend. This winter we will be putting a book together for the family.

Winter Wedding in Paradise

Yesterday I photographed a very fun couple’s wedding in Paradise Valley, Montana at Chico Hot Springs.  The following images are just a few from their day. They were blessed with perfect winter weather and late afternoon light. They could not  have been given better memories.












Family Memories

I took this image of Frank in 1995 on his back porch in Butte, Montana. He used to play the accordion at all the family bbq’s at a ranch in Elk Park a few miles away.Frank is gone now, he died not many years after this image was made. One of the first memories to go when a person passes on is the sound of their voice. And that is true, but some photos, like this one, bring back the voice for me. I can hear his soft chuckle and laugh in this photo, and I hope all our family can as well.


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