Torah Dedication

We were honored to photograph the dedication of two Torahs Sunday afternoon for Chabad Lubavitch of Montana at  the Shul of Bozeman. The love, faith and joy of the celebration was moving. Just an amazing thing to witness. Below are photos from the afternoon. In a few weeks we will create a video slide show for the Shul of Bozeman’s web site and you’ll be able to see more images at:

In the meantime here is a link to a Bozeman Daily Chronicle on the event: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Editorial Portraits

People often ask what makes loneman photography so different from other photographers.

After 25 years as a photojournalist I cannot help but photograph the real person in front of the camera. I am an Editorial Portrait Photographer. It’s my nature to know the rules of photography and then seek to break them to find something unique and fun and different in each face I photograph.

It is a style of photography that goes more to who the person is than just what they look like. It is also a magazine style of photography that entertains and informs.

We all know what our loved ones look like (if we are lucky we see them everyday) but a photo should go beyond that. The best photography shows us who we really are. And for families and children, photography shows us the person we love.

We’re Not Like Anyone Else

We see the world our own way and photograph life and families unlike anyone else. 

Real Love

Real Love is in actions and a look…words seem insufficient.

Our 2012 wedding season calendar’s limited spots are filling up with just a few openings left. We have a really fun line up of weddings; starting with this couple’s Spring wedding in Italy, then I am off to New York for another destination wedding, then back to Bozeman and Big Sky and finally finishing the season in my favorite location: Butte America for an uptown wedding. All our couples are great, so it’s going to be a fun season.

Check with us to see if we are available on your Big Day.


Speaking Without Words

 Our photos speak on an emotional level. Words are not needed. The work speaks for its self.




Big Sky Family Photographer

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From family sessions we create art that is both fun to look at and shows the relationships within a family. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with this family who are readily able to laugh and have fun. We had the best time with them.


Bozeman Montana Wedding Photographer

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Last week we photographed an engagement session for a couple planning an overseas wedding this Spring. They are going to have some amazing images from beginning to end in their wedding journey. They were so easy to photograph simply because their love and bond is so strong and true.

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