Father and Son

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One on the Way

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Congratulations David and Reba.

You are going to be great parents and I can hardly wait to photograph a new little Milo.

Montana Photographer

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Photography is the Language of Seeing the World

Montana Wedding Photographer

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Here’s some of our favorite images from weddings the past year or two. We love making great images and making lasting friendships with our wedding clients.

Bozeman Childrens Photographer

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Beautiful Sisters

Bozeman Senior Photographer

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Celebrating Beautiful Women

This high school senior is very comfortable working on the ranch or hunting. So it was fun to take her out into her comfort zone of the country but show the other side of herself in a dress.
Perhaps one of the most satisfying things about photographing emerging women at this age is to show all their sides. Th…ey are still teenagers and a little unknowing of what is ahead of them in the world. But they also have a mature side and they give a wonderful glimpse of how fascinating they are becoming in front of their parents eyes.
We photograph a lot of senior girls and guys in the summer and fall: take a look at the class of 2010:

Bozeman Children’s Photographer

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Walker had a run in with the couch at home before bringing his baby brother to a session today. Dad wanted the well-earned bruises kept in a few images of Walker, but for mom we took out the marks on the images.

Bozeman Family Photographer

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Home Decor

Hooray….we carry frames

We now have over 15 choices in frames for our clients. Frames come ready to hang on your wall. All you have to do is pound a nail into the wall, open your lovingly wrapped framed art and hang it up.

Check out our samples next time you are by.

Bozeman, Montana Photographer

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Celebrating Beautiful Women

I was watching the Miss America show on tv last week with my wife and daughter. I cannot believe that in this day and age that outward beauty is still celebrated so much more than all other characteristics. I’d have a cow if I saw my daughter being judged on her value in a swimsuit. We’ve always stressed that her character is the true value she owns and that being “beautiful” gets in the way of people seeing who she really is.

This woman came to us for a portrait recently. (We photograph a lot of women because it’s something that we really really like to do.) I was able to look into this woman’s eyes and see immense beauty. That’s how I photograph….I see who people are inside and photograph that person.

Bozeman Childrens Photographer

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Happy Birthday, Dirk!!!!

Last weekend we celebrated our God son’s birthday with photos, a banana cream pie and presents. He in turn gave us a present of the drawing below. It will hang along side other art work he and his sister have made for us for the studio dressing room.

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