we LOVE kids…..PrePay A Kids Session by March 15 and get 2 accordion books valued at $100. Session can take place anytime before August 1st this year. [click on the photo above for more details] If you bring a LillyLu receipt to your weLOVEkids session at loneman photography for clothing you buy at LillyLu between now and your scheduled session….we will include a third mini-accordion book for LillyLu patrons. Remember; you have to prepay your session before March 15 but can schedule the session for anytime before August 1st. We want to reward LillyLu customers and we in return get to spend time with your beautiful children….one of our favorite things to do.

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Bozeman Kid’s Photographer

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loneman photography is proud to be one of Bozeman’s Best Children’s Photographers.

Again this Winter, Spring and Summer we’ll be photographing a lot of kids.

We’d love to photograph yours.

Pay for a Kid’s Session by March 15th, full studio or on-location session (mini-sessions do not qualify), and you will receive two mini-accordion books; a $100 value.

You’ll love these new adorable little wallet-sizes booklets. They are perfect for toting in your purse or displaying on your desk. Each mini-accordion book holds at least 9 images.

Sessions need to be paid for by March 15th, but sessions may take place anytime before Aug. 1, 2010.

Gift certificates for this offer make a fantastic baby shower gift.Or gift a friend who has always wanted professional photos of their kids.  

Nothing brightens our days like photographing kids.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their day seeing life through the eyes and mind of a child.  

It’s a great job!


mini book




Big Sky | Bozeman Photographer

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Natural Light Photo Studio

I photograph in many lighting situations. My favorite lighting is natural light. And it seems natural light studios are all the rage of high-end photographers around the country these days. I’ve always used natural light more than studio lighting (though some situations defintely call for studio lighting) because natural light is so much softer, kinder and has a fresh feeling that I really like. I think it works really well for children and babies especially.

We’re lucky at our studio because our space accomodates both studio lights and natural north side soft light bouncing in from neigboring warehouses.

What natural light does for our photos can be seen in this baby’s eyes and the beautiful healthy skin tones.


natural light baby

Montana Photography Workshops

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We’re getting closer and closer to nailing down the classes and subjects for the Montana Photography Workshops this winter, spring and summer. Recently I played with a friends point and shoot image from Monet’s garden outside Paris. The original image was flat and dull and not at all what she saw in person. After a little photoshop the image came to life, somewhat in the way Monet may have seen the scene. (see below)

We think our Workshop students will be empowered to create their own works of art after learning some easy and simplified photoshop toning techniques, editing and capturing images correctly when they are taken.

You can follow the workshops on Face Book or on the Montana Photography Workshops blog. Classes will be available for amateurs who just took a digital camera out of the box at Christmas and also for emerging and professional photographers who want to learn secrets to making images that sell.


before after


Bozeman Kid’s Photographer

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The Kinney Kids came in today for Kolt’s 4-month-old photos. These kids are so great; sweet with lots of personality. We needed no props. I like to keep it simple and straight forward so nothing gets in the way of showing off kids’ personalities. I look at these images of the Kinney kids and know they are the kind of kids you’d like to know.


kinney kids


kinney kids


kinney kids

Big Sky Photographer | Bozeman Montana Photographer

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Livingston Wedding Party

I am working thru wedding edits from a recent wedding in Livingston, Montana and came across this wedding party group photo and was reminded that this bunch was so much fun. I assured them the photo would not look “stupid” as I told them to kick like the Rockettes. It was the joy and fun in their faces that came toward the end that I wanted.


wedding party


Bozeman Kid’s Photographer

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Wouldn’t be great if we could all be this happy everyday and be thankful for what we have.



Bozeman Kid’s Photographer

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Loving Parents + Ducks + Bright Colors = Happy Baby

Every baby loves to be sans clothes. This baby has everything she needs to make her happy; especially two loving, attentive parents.



Bozeman Kid’s Photographer

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Mom and Son Bond

Yesterday I was photographing this newborn when his mom reached in to soothe his uneasiness of not being in her arms. It was that moment that I could see clearly the strong connection and bond mother and son already have.


baby mom


baby hand

Bozeman Pet Photographer

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Today Frank and his human family came into the studio for a session. Poor Frank was so apprehensive about the whole thing. He couldn’t be any sweeter. He’s the kind of dog who needs a hug, I look at dogs and see their nature and in Frank I see sweetness and gentleness, so that is how I photographed him.



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