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icing on the cake

Hey, we just met Abby and Sara of icing on the cake: event planners for lunch the other day. Stana and I had an event planner for our 1990 wedding and it was the best decision Stana ever made other than marry me and stay in Bozeman. Best decision I ever made was to marry Stana and agree to have a wedding planner. I thought it a total waste of time before the wedding, but on the wedding day I saw the tremendous value in the planner’s work.

So now we tell all our wedding clients that they really really need a planner. Abby and Sara are very nice, hard workers and easy to get along with. There are great planners in the area and we work with and recommend many of them. Now we are adding Abby and Sara of icing on the cake to our list of recommended planners. We think Abby and Sara will be a great match for many of our clients.


icing on the cake

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