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Delicate Arch, Arches National Park



Send us your email address and we will send you monthly screen savers from loneman photography for free. The first month will be two photos from Arches National Park near Moab, Utah taken this month.

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Aila at One



Recently Aila came in with her parents for her One-Year-Old Session.

We’ve been photographing Aila since a few days after she was born. I photographed her mom and dad’s wedding before that. So, I can see how much of each parent is in Aila and how much she is loved by them.

Stana and I have gotten to know Aila’s family the past three years and it has been to our benefit to know them and call them our friends.

I think Aila is going to be a lot like her mom and grandmother: determined, independent and self-assured. And she has a lot of her dad’s mischievious ways as well.








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    Today Bebe came in with her mom Romi for a birth present of a photo shoot. Romi has done so much for us over this past year. Romi made our show and studio opening fundraiser for Girls For A Change and last Spring a great success, but more than that she has been a good friend this past year. Thanks Romi.

Bebe, it is going to be great watching you grow up over the years.

Welcome to the world!

Below are a few images from Bebe’s first professional photo session.











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Spring Break in Moab

[Starting today I will be posting photography tips. Below are two photos to illustrate this week’s tip. You can check back with the blog every other week for tips on how to make your photos look better]

Photo Tip #1: Have the end Photo in Mind before hitting the shutter. One of the best approaches to good photography is to know what you what your final print to look like. With that in mind; turn off the auto mode and try shooting in manual so you can expose for the areas of the photo most important. I like exposing for the highlights and letting the shadows fall off to create a more dramatic effect. like in this color image. In the black and white image I went for  more even exposure so the sky and shadows would remain. I then manipulated the image in post production to lighten the dark areas even more and darken the sky a little bit. Know your camera’s limitations and yours as well and then try shooting on a manual setting.

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park

WHAT WE HAVE BEEN UP TO: Like most of Bozeman; we headed for warmer days last week for Spring Break. We drove with two other families to the Moab area. We ran into one neighbor after another there who had the same idea to take the quickest route to be rid of snow and cold.

So, we are trying to get back into the grind this week.

Pine Tree Arch, Arches National Park

Bozeman Photographer

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Congrats to Stephanie and Dan

Recently Stephanie and Dan came into our studio for a family photo with just a few weeks to go on the birth of their first baby.

This week we learned they are now parents to Henry. We couldn’t be happier for Henry’s parents.

We’re very much looking forward to Henry’s first visit to the studio….see you soon.

Below are a few photos from Stephanie and Dan’s session:

steph dan 1


steph dan 2


steph dan 3

Bozeman Senior Photographer

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2010 Already

Congrats to the 2009 high school graduating class. It’s close enough. We can say that now.

It’s already time to start thinking about the class of 2010. After spring break we’ll announce our choices for sessions and packages. We also have a loneman photography | high school seniors facebook group that seniors or anyone can join to find information or start discussions and tell us what you want in senior photography this coming year.

•Here’s a link to our group:  loneman photograhy | high school seniors

•Here’s a link to our loneman photography Facebook page


Bozeman Pet Photographer

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Dee-O-Gee In-Store Session:

April 18th


We signed on with Dee-O-Gee to bring our studio to their store for one day April 18th for pet portrait sessions for their clients. We already photograph many of their customers dogs and other pets in our studio east of Bozeman, but there are a lot of Dee-O-Gee customers who are not able to make it to our studio for sessions.

Our studio sessions are very artistic and devoted to working with the pet and their owner for about 45 minutes to get many fantastic images.

The In-Store sessions will be brief, photographed on a white backdrop to highlight the dog’s personality. Each session fee comes with a print credit, so everyone will be able to get at least one print of their friend (I mean dog).

Stop into Dee-O-Gee and book your sessions with Josh and Holly soon.

More details can be see below on the promo which will be available at the Dee-O-Gee counter this coming week. You can also download the promo pdf by clicking here.

dee o gee sessions

dee o gee sessions

Bozeman Kid’s Photographer

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LillyLu Facebook

Friends of Sheryl today posted a Facebook page for LillyLu. (link)

Our hopes and prayers still go out to the families affected by last weeks’ explosion in downtown Bozeman. It is great to see, that even though shaken, Sheryl of LillyLu has chosen to continue. We are sure she will come through this loss stronger than before.

We’re working with Sheryl on hosting an open house for LillyLu at loneman photography when Sheryl has more concrete information to pass on to her friends. Stay tuned to the facebook page or here for more details on the open house.

Thanks supporting all the business owners and employees and their families during this difficult time.

Below are some of the images taken by loneman photography at LillyLu during the last two years.








Bozeman Pet Photographer

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Too Much Time On My Hands

You could say, “This is what happens when a photographer has too much time on his hands”. That’s partly correct. Actually, this obedient dog is our labradoodle Diamond who is always more than ready to pose for photos. Everybody in my family is trained that way.

This time Diamond is posing for an upcoming promo piece for a session day at Dee-O-Gee in April. I don’t recommend doing the hat thing unless your dog likes to please all the time, because it is bound to backfire more than work. But when it does work; it’s fun to do.

Most likely, your dog would rather pose like the Yorkie below who impatiently waiting for a treat. But whatever works, we’ll do our best to get a great shot of pets at Dee-O-Gee that day. Be looking for more details later on our blog and at the store on Main and 8th.

dee-o-gee diamond


Bozeman Commercial Photographer

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Back to Christmas

Today and this past week and this coming week, it looks like it is back to Christmas in Bozeman. Which is actually okay for one week. Today I am working on winter photos for next season’s Fancy Flours Christmas Catalog which is one of our funnest projects. Not because I love cookie cutters and bakery do-dads, but because Nancy is so much fun to work with. And Kietra’s and Classic Inks designs and layout make my work look better.

So let it snow [for now].


Fancy Flours Christmas

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