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Cole and His Mom

It’s been really gratifiying to have our wedding clients return a year or so later to show off their new family. This past week clients from two summers ago were visiting Bozeman from their home in Ohio. They brought their son Cole to us to meet and photograph. We do a lot of children’s sessions in our studio and on location, and it is especially great when our sessions come with some history.

Today we photographed a three-month-old boy who was still in his mom’s tummy last summer when we photographed his sister. It was so nice to finally meet him. We’ll post photos of his session very soon. But below is one of Cole and his mom that we think she’ll really love.

cole and his mom

Bozeman Pet Photographer

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Goodbye Satchmo!

This past week we were asked to make a house call to a client/friends home in Bozeman to photograph Satchmo who was too ill to come to the studio. Satchmo had just been given bad news from his vet. He wasn’t to be long for this world.

That was only a few days ago. Today we hear that Satchmo is gone and we are sad for Satchmo and his family.

One of his young people friends said of Satchmo, “now he is in heaven eating cookies with Jesus.” We hope that is true. He was a very very sweet dog who did not get to be with his family long enough.

Goodbye Satchmo


Bozeman Children’s Photography

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One of Our Clients’ Favorite Products

One of our clients’ favorite products this past year has been the 20 sided booklet. When print and/or product orders exceed $600 we create two booklets from the session. This has been a big hit with high school seniors and parents of younger children as well. They make great keepsakes and little brag books or coffee table art. They are soft covered and not meant for heavy handling, so for a more durable book we also offer a hard-sided coffee table book as well.

Below is the cover and couple pages from a recent children’s session at our Bozeman Photography Studio.


Bozeman Photographer

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New 5×15 Canvas Wrap

Check out our latest product offering at the LP studio. One of our clients said, “hey, I want something I can put on my bookshelf or hang on the wall.” So, we came up with this 5×15 canvas wrap around print. It’s great for showing off 3 of your favorite images. Our graphic artist designs each wrap individually for every client to fit their home decor.

So, if you can think of something you’d like done with the images from your session; let us know and maybe it will be the next cool product. To see this canvas or one like it, drop by the Bozeman studio or go into Dee-O-Gee and find one in the cat corner.

5x15 canvas wrap

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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My Valentine

As I look over Doug’s images from day to day I marvel each time at the nuances of the people and the expressions of love Doug captures, also in animals and landscape. I am truly in awe!

Yes we are business partners, yes we’re married, and yes I am probably the harshest critic Doug has. Frequently he has to tell me I should get a camera myself and shoot it the way I want to see it and keep my nose out if his vision. That is the nature of being married in art and work I guess.

I just want to take a moment and pay tribute to my husband, friend and love.

Doug Loneman is immensely genuine, funny, kind, talented, patient and real. I am grateful beyond words to share this life in family, art, work and love with Doug!

Happy Valentine Love!

P.S. Doug will be reserved over my sentimental musings in a public blog. I’d say he’s proving his patience of my strong minded expressions.   

Bozeman Montana Engagement | Wedding

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Haley & Shem

A few years ago one of my first senior clients was Haley. This summer I am privilaged to be photographing Haley’s marriage to Shem in Bozeman at the Museum of the Rockies where they meet. I have always liked Haley and her family and so it is really satisfying to see her find someone she deserves. Shem is a smart, caring person; as is Haley. It’s a great match and their wedding is going to be very fun for me to photograph.

Here are a few images from their engagement session about 10 days ago.

Haley and Shem

Haley and Shem

Haley and Shem

Haley and Shem

Haley and Shem

Bozeman Pet Photographer

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Grace, a Swiss Mountain Dog, 11 weeks old, came to our Bozeman studio this past week for her first session at loneman photography. We photograph a lot of children and pets. And it is not surprising that the two are a lot alike. Neither one of them have any preconceptions of what they are supposed to be or do. They are just their innocent selves; completely honest, no baggage. They cannot be made to do much other than be themselves. And that is what we photograph; them being them.

Speaking of Pets…..We’ll be doing Mini Pet Portrait Sessions at Dee-O-Gee sometime in May. The details are yet to be worked out. So, stay tuned for details on our blog or ask Holly and Josh at Dee-O-Gee in the coming month how to sign up for one of the sessions.



Bozeman Kid’s Photographer

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Tristan with Mom and Dad

Recently we photographed Tristan and his parents at their home. Our graphic artist developed a Valentine’s Day theme for their card and wall art.

I started photographing Tristan at three months. A couple years earlier I photographed his parents wedding. Having that connection with clients who become friends has been most meaningful for Stana and myself.

We have many clients who have become friends and it has enrichened our lives tremendously.



Big Sky|MoonLight September Weddings

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MoonLight Basin Weddings


This past autumn we photographed two weddings at MoonLight Basin Lodge at the top of Big Sky, Montana.

Below are two images from the weddings of Debra and Geoff, and Cassidy and Winn.

Both couples had fantastic weddings at the resort and both had a Western-themed rehearsal bbq at the 320 Guest Ranch south of Big Sky. While the locations were the same and both couples are sweet people and very easy to spend time with; their weddings were very different from one another. Both weddings suited each couples personalities and both had it’s share of wonderful emotional moments that the couples and their guests will always remember. The ceremony and rehearsal venues gave both wedding parties the ultimate in the “Montana Experience”.


Debra and Geoff

Cassidy and Winn

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