Bozeman Kid’s Photographer

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Elizabeth came into our Bozeman photography studio recently for her infant session.

Stana and I have been having a lot of fun photographing each kid’s session. Our daughter is a teenager now and wonderful in every way. We’ve come to admire our daughter for the quality person she grown into. Yet, we miss the infant part of her life. Every parent knows how quickly their kids turn into toddlers and then off to school and spending time with their friends. This infant stage is truly wonderful and it is fun for us to give parents great memories of it through photos.


Bozeman Kids Photography

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Davis At One

Davis came in today for his one-year-old photo session at our Bozeman studio.  I am always of the mind set that less is more and that more is just more. Few props and gimicks are best for showing a child’s personality. I think it is great to photograph anyone in their home with all their stuff, because their stuff shows the story of their life. But in the studio, it is time to show who they are on their own.

Davis is sweet and expressive and full of himself at one. That comes through in the simple, straight forward images from his session.





Bozeman Pet Session

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Tigger the Cat

I stopped by Nancy’s house the other day just outside Bozeman to talk and take a photo or two of her cat Tigger. I thought, “How hard can it be to take a photo of a cat anyway.”

Turns out, it isn’t that easy. Especially with Tigger who has nothing but distrust and distain for anyone other than Nancy. So, below is the view I had of Tigger as she looked down her superior nose at me.

This may have been the most difficult pet session yet. But I feel so good that the photos turned out well despite Tigger’s opinion of me. Half way through the session I was thinking that perhaps photographing cats was not a good idea, but now I think it could be okay.


Bozeman Pet Photographer

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Bassett Hound: Cooper

Lab-Newfoundland Cross: Lilly

Yesterday we had Cooper and Lilly in the studio from Dee-O-Gee for a pet photography session. Below is one of Cooper’s images and one for Lilly as well.

Check out the new client photo board going up soon at Dee-O-Gee. On it you will find loneman photography photos from the pet sessions and also images taken by Dee-O-Gee customers of their own dogs.

Don’t forget to Wang More and Bark Less.





Montana Winter Wedding

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Jill + Duane | webshow

Venue: 320 Ranch, Big Sky, Montana

Recently, I photographed a Montana Wedding at the 320 Ranch near Big Sky, Montana. The weather had been nose crunching cold up until the wedding day when the high reached almost 10 degrees. It was like devine intervention had given Jill and Duane an opening to fully enjoy their day. They wanted a snowy Montana wedding. On cue, the skies dropped snowflakes during the outdoor session that was so important to the couple. Inside the staff at the 320 Ranch made the guests warm  and welcome.

It was a perfect day for one of our best couples. We have many many wonderful couples. In fact, I have genuinely like them all. Some how good people seem drawn to us. We really do appreciate the people we are able to work with. Jill and Duane have been the perfect clients; so nice, so easy going and so appreciative of what they have together.

We have a new feature on the blog or journal. We now offer a look into the weddings with a web based slide show. Just click on the photo below to view some of Jill and Duane’s wedding day.

(Click on the ice sculpture photo below to play the webshow)

Bozeman Children’s Photography

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Lizzie at Three

Today Lizzie trooped into our Bozeman studio for a children’s session. She is full of life and happiness and all together three years old now. We’ve been photographing her and her brother since their birth. It has, of course, been very satisfying to see their growth. Lizzie and her brother Tommy are such great kids……you only have to see their smiles to see how great their parents are.

Happy Birthday, Lizzie.


Bozeman Kids Portraits

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This morning we had a very fun kid session in the studio. I photograph a lot of weddings in Montana and family portraits as well, so to take time stepping into the world of a little boy is a great diversion and treat for me. These guys couldn’t have been more fun. They are all about having fun and playing pretend games. We could all use more of that in our lives.

Thanks Boys!

tough boys

San Antonio Wedding

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A few times a year I travel to weddings. Those weddings have taken me to all corners of Montana, Sun Valley Idaho, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Portland Oregon, Boise Idaho, Alaska and most recently to San Antonio, Texas on the River Walk.

David and Reba’s wedding was, like all weddings, wonderful becasue the couple is so great and so willing to trust me to do my thing and choose the locations for the bride and groom session. And like all travel weddings the challenge of working in a new environment always works out for the best. Some couples worry that the unfamiliar will throw me off.  It actually works the opposite. Finding new locations and challenges is what a creative person lives for and thrives upon.

The following images of Reba and David came out of a need to make unusual images and yet work with very low light on the streets of San Antonio. I scouted the streets the night before like I always do and found this great location just across the street from the reception at a historic hotel.





reba davidreba 3

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