Swing Ballet

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This morning was play time for us. We were able to hang out in a Bozeman park with new clients and their almost three-year-old daughter. I remember when our daughter wore her tutu all the time and then it was over and she was into something else. We got some memorable photos from that time with our daughter and it was fun today recording some memorable photos of today’s ballerina for her parents.

Photos like this get more valuable as the years go by.

By the way; if you are in need of a good pink tutu; Lilly Lu Boutique for Children in downtown Bozeman is where this tutu came from. Lilly Lu has a great selection of really fun kid’s clothes.

Swing Ballerina

Dee-O-Gee Grand Opening

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Dee-O-Gee has it’s grand opening today and tomorrow. It’s a great pet store with some very unique and fun pet indulgences. They also have natural pet treats and pet food, as well as a grooming service.

We’ve taken our daughter’s precious Diamond to Dee-O-Gee for a bath and trim. They did a great job and Diamond had a great time.

We’ve decided to do a promotion tie-in with Dee-O-Gee. When your accumulated pet shopping reaches $500 at the store over time, bring your filled in card to us and get a free “Pets and their People” session. Your’re going to buy cool things there anyway, so why not get a free photo session as a bonus. Of course, we welcome and encourage you to use your card and have the entire family photographed with or without Fido. It’s your card, you earned it, use it as you wish.

Below is what the card looks like on the front and back. Ask Holly or Josh at Dee-O-Gee to get your card started after your first purchase.



lp card

Senior Season/Thanks to Mila

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Well we’re on the downhill side of photographing seniors for the class of ’09. There’s a few more to come in October but most of the kids have been in. But that leaves a lot of great time slots still open for the autumn colors. We’ve had so much fun with the seniors again this year by generating more creative backgrounds and doing even more artful stuff in photoshop to help each senior get their “unique” look. I think it’s so much fun to spend some one on one time with them and pick their brains. They are truly a fun group.

mila on the job

We even got our daughter Mila into the mix this year. She was my assistant on most of the sessions. Of course that is backed off a bit since school started. I learned from her and she learned from me. We had a great time working together. I am so lucky to have such a great kid. Mila continues to grow into a terrific young woman. She is witty, kind, generous, sweet and caring. We’re so lucky to know her.

Fancy Flours fall catalog

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Last June we worked with Nancy Quist of Fancy Flours and Classic Ink of Bozeman to help them create the Fancy Flours’ autumn catalog of cake & cookie decorating supplies.

The catalog was just released and Nancy tells us it’s been a big hit with customers. So, she is anticipating equal response to the Holiday Catalog coming out very soon. Big kudos to Kietra fancy flours catalog coverand her team at Classic Ink for the layout job on the catalogs.cover

And a very special thanks to Nancy of Fancy Flours who could make the last night on the Titanic fun. I wish every commercial shoot was as much fun and full of laughs. We could forget the centerpiece cake sliding off the tray and splatting on the studio floor. For most that would be cause for panic or consternation, but for Nancy it was time to laugh out loud. Thanks again, Nancy!


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Summer Kids

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Schwerin Family

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