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Welcome to the first blog on our newly-retooled loneman photography site. Maria Ferré of Visual Grease has been working hard to get our new site up this past month.
We are expecting the new site to be much more helpful to current and prospective clients who want a better appreciation of the work and service at lp. One of the fun tools on the site that we are really excited about it the “Recent” page where wedding clients and their guests can access Pictage for print sales and most fun of all, web shows from each wedding set to music.
So far, clients have loved the web shows because they can be seen any where an internet connection exists. So brides and parents can finally show off their events to their work mates (as long as the boss isn’t around).
In the coming months we’ll add shows as events happen. And be looking for better productions as we become more settled with the software.

Who we Are:

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You’ll often read “we” in the blog. The “we” is myself, Doug Loneman, and my wife, Stana Milodragovich. Stana is the one who answers the phone and who later gets all the compliments on being so so nice and professional. You may sometimes even get our 10-year-old daughter Mila on the phone. She’s even nicer and more mature than her parents. loneman photography is a family business and that has been a great reward for all of us.

Short Bios:

Doug: I worked 15 years for a newspaper and also doing freelance for other editorial publications such as The New York Times and Time magazine. But the travel and late hours takes a toll on family life. So now I restrict travel to occasional weddings and assignments.

Stana: Stana has worked for several very successful companies in Bozeman that always stressed a high level of customer service. She brings that to lp, and that’s probably why our clients turn into our new friends.

Mila: Mila is an incredible reader has a great eye. She might be photographing your wedding someday.

What’s New:

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The wedding season is winding up in October and high school seniors and commercial projects have been happening this past month.

Seniors are great. I love the one on one time with the kids.
Above are a couple of this month’s seniors.

My latest commercial project is a continuation of a project for Zombro Physical Therapy. I’ve been photographing ZPT clients to promote ZPT’s incredible services.
Above is an out take from a session with a soccer player.

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