White Christmas


Winter has finally Arrived

Winter has finally arrived in Bozeman and Big Sky. If you are looking for a quick and scenic and yet easily accessible winter hike in the Big Sky, Montana area, try this hike at Ousel Falls just past the Meadow Village.

Here’s a link with a map:  https://plus.google.com/104338632464438798314/about?gl=us&hl=en



For the love of Dogs

One of the truly fun things for us to do is photograph the bond of love between people and their pets. The images alway touch our hearts.



Art Surrounds Us

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During the middle of a Commercial and Family Session I turned to find this beautiful scene away from where we were photographing at Hyalite near Bozeman, Montana. It reminds me to be aware of the immense amount of art that surrounds us every day if we take the time to see it.


Montana Winter Wedding

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Here are some images from our last wedding of the 2014 bridal season in Montana. Monica and Tim are just the nicest people ever and so for us it was so fun to give work especially hard to get beautiful images from their Big Day in Bozeman.


072_2014 weddings 071_2014 weddings 070_2014 weddings

2014 Wedding Photos

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We had a fantastically fun 2014 wedding and engagement season. Work kept us busy with little time to update the blog with images from weddings throughout Montana. We seemed to be on the road every weekend working in Chico Hot Springs, Helena,Big Sky, Billings and throughout the Bozeman area. Here are a few wedding and engagement photos from this past season. 



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Wedding Fusion Videos

We photograph a limited number of wedding each season to make sure we have the energy and time to devote our best efforts to each couple. One of the most fulfilling products for us to deliver to each couple (other than the album) is the Fusion Video in which we combine highlights of the day along with brief video clips. Here is a sample from a recent wedding in Helena, Montana.





We Moved

We moved this summer. You can now find us at the Farm Bureau Building on South 19 Avenue in Bozeman. Our old space was great and we loved it but for our clients’ convenience we are doing most of our photographing on location, though we still do studio photography as well. Our new space is more centrally located and is smaller. Best of all it has an atrium with lots of warm sunshine and plants….a huge plus for us during the winter.

Come by and see us sometime when you need a summer fix this fall and winter.

These girls below made themselves at home in our new hip modern-styled space recently.

New Address:

502 South 19th Ave. ; suite 103



Family Garden Session

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Kim and Craig | chico hot springs resort, pray, montana

kimcraigwedding1 kimcraigwedding2 KIMCRAIGWEDDING3

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