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Life in Bozeman and Big Sky, Montana can be so much fun. That’s reflected in our photography. We give our clients space and freedom to be who they are at this point in their lives. We record the family history they are making.


Bozeman and Big Sky Senior Sessions

This high school senior wanted to embrace the grandeur of Montana’s mountains for her senior session. So we planned a summer session featuring the Hyalites outside Bozeman and a winter session featuring Lone Mountain in Big Sky. Her photos were to feature her love of Montana and her spirited personality. Meeting her goals was really fantastic.


Kids and Families


Last weekend we were photographing families in a ranch outside of Bozeman. To get these cousins’ cooperation to make a “happy” image when all they’d rather be doing is playing, I told them we could make one image that their parents would not like. They were really good with “bored.”

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Bozeman Baby and her Dad

Little Olive is a sweet heart. Her dad and mom adore her more than anything. It’s fun to watch them with her. Her dad is going to impose his sense of humor on Olive throughout the coming years. She’s a lucky girl. It’s funny what a man will do for his kids; things he never thought he’d ever do. Like putting on Olive’s bonnet and getting her to smile.

The family is from out of town and so on a trip to Bozeman they stopped by our home to introduce us to this sweet angel. We are so so glad they did. We’ll be photographing Olive for years to come and how lucky are we to be able to see and record her growth. Can’t wait.

Family and Children’s Session

A couple of days ago we had a Montana family session outside of Bozeman and Big Sky area. While photographing a family I saw a seven-year-old sitting quietly and wistfully looking out the window as she waited for her image to be made after the other family’s. It’s these unplanned moments that I always look for during a shoot. These moments are so true and beautiful in ways you cannot anticipate going into the session.


Big Sky Family Sessions

Last weekend we photographed a family on vacation in Big Sky, Montana. We did a family session at the lodge fireplace and then headed outside for some fun snow images and playtime.

The ski hill was hit with a late day snow storm but that did not make the session any less fun. The snow made it more fun.


Bozeman Family Lifestyle Sessions

Our session for style for Bozeman and Big Sky families has always been more real image Lifestyle than straight portraits. Of course we make portraits throughout the sessions, but most of the best images comes from time just spent hanging with the family and the kids to get candid photos as they live out their relationships.

This image is comes from play time with this little boy. I expected nothing of him other then the freedom to be himself in front of the camera.




Big Sky Senior Session

Montana’s beauty is it’s most valuable resource. It’s fun to share that beauty with our out-of-state clients and it’s gratifying to see them appreciate the specialness of Montana. Yesterday we photographed this Atlanta, GA senior in Big Sky, Montana.

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Family Sessions in Big Sky

Wesley is so darn cute. It’s impossible to settle on one image from his session #portrait in Big Sky yesterday. Luckily for us his parents signed him up for multiple session; we get more Wesley time again!

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Lifestyle Sessions

Our Lifestyle Sessions are by far the most popular session for both families and children. The session takes great advantage of my photojournalism background. As a photojournalist I was awarded photographer-of-the-year for five consecutive years for the Western United States and Western Canada while working in Bozeman, Montana for the local newspaper and the New York Times and Washington Post. During that time I perfected story-telling images and photos that reach into a person and reveal who they are inside. For me the most rewarding kind of photography is to show our clients how the rest of the world views them as thoughtful, intelligent and loving human beings.

This week we are reconstructing the LifeStyle gallery on our web site. Day by day we will be adding more images to that gallery. Thanks in advance for taking a look.

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