Montana Family Vacation

It’s always a blast to photograph families with this much love for each other. Nothing captures a family’s love like journalistic photos of kids and adults simply playing. 

Olives Family 1

Olives Family 3

Olives Family 9

Olives Family 8

Olives Family 2

Olives Family 12

Olives Family 4

Olives Family 10

Olives Family 7

Olives Family 5

Olives Family 11

Olives Family 6

Olives Family 13


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We are continuously blessed with the most wonderful clients. Paul and Callie are a perfect compliment for each other. She is elegant, poised, gracious, kind. He is steady, giving and thoughtful. But the most important quality they share is their ability to laugh constantly. 


callie and Paul blog 1

callie and Paul blog 2

callie and Paul blog 6

callie and Paul blog 7

callie and Paul blog 8

callie and Paul blog 9

callie and Paul blog 10

callie and Paul blog 12

callie and Paul blog 11

callie and Paul blog 14

callie and Paul blog 15

callie and Paul blog 16

callie and Paul blog 17

callie and Paul blog 18

callie and Paul blog 19

callie and Paul blog 20

callie and Paul blog 21

callie and Paul blog 22

callie and Paul blog 23


callie and Paul blog 4

callie and Paul blog 24

callie and Paul blog 25

callie and Paul blog 28

callie and Paul blog 26

callie and Paul blog 27

callie and Paul blog 29


Rachel + Jim | Rainbow Ranch, Big Sky MT

Rachel + Jim: the creation of family

We could not be happier to have been a part of this couples wedding day at Rainbow Ranch in Big Sky, Montana. Rachel and Jim are some of the most genuinely kind and easygoing people you could meet. Rachel mentioned in her vows that marriage means the creation of family and from what we saw, they have already created a beautiful family full of caring friends and each other. They are the kind of couple who are not only best friends but life partners, we can only imagine what the future holds for these two.  

Rachel and Jim 1 6

Rachel and Jim 1 10

Rachel and Jim 1 3

Rachel and Jim 1 2

Rachel and Jim 1 11

Rachel and Jim 1 4

Rachel and Jim 1 5

Rachel and Jim 1 9

Rachel and Jim 1 1

Rachel and Jim 1 8

Rachel and Jim 1 13

Rachel and Jim 1 12


Beautiful Eyed Baby

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Baby Tova could not have come into a more loving family.


A boy and his dog

Tate + Bojangles

At LP we firmly believe that dogs complete our families and that every boy needs his dog. We had a great shoot last night with the wonderful Nunberg family. It was a pleasure to spend our evening with such a fun, smart and devoted family. 


Montana Spring Wedding

Melissa + Anthony

The Montana sun came out just in the nick of time to have the outdoor ceremony at Springhill Pavilion that Melissa and Anthony had been hoping for. Lots of beauty and love to go around at this stunning Bozeman wedding.  


melissa 1

melissa 3 1


melissa 2 1



melissa 3 5


melissa 1 1


melissa 3 2

melissa 3 3

melissa 3 5

melissa 3

melissa 3 4



Welcome Mila!

Loneman Photography has a new employee, welcome Mila to the LP staff. Mila was born and raised in Bozeman and will be assisting Doug this summer at photoshoots, weddings and behind the scenes. Mila loves dogs, bagels and living under Montana’s big sky. MilaLPemployeesq

Montanan’s in Paris

We’re back from vacation and hard at it at work today. Lots to catch up on after two weeks…yikes….but well worth it all. We had a great time in Paris and Bordeaux and made some great new friends. Now onto a Montana summer of photography.



Montana Wedding Albums

It’s great when It all comes together to make a memorable wedding album: all the planning by the wedding coordinator, the flowers, the weather, the couple and the images. This couple had the best day at MoonLight Lodge in Big Sky, Montana last year. And now we have the pleasure of putting it all together: the decor and moments of the day for their album. 


Big Sky Wedding

We are working on wedding albums from the summer of 2015 by perfecting the images and sending them off to Italy for album completion this month. Here are some pages from Mark and Emily’s wedding in Big Sky, Montana this past summer’s 4th of July weekend.

001 002 003 004 005


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