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Spring in Montana

Last weekend we photographed a wedding in Paradise Valley in Montana. A perfect location for this couple in one of their favorite retreats: Chico Hot Springs. The wedding had every element a Spring wedding in Montana should have: snow storm, laughter, sunshine, beautiful mountain scenes, tears and fill-in-the-blank. Best of all the wedding had a tight family, a warm and loving couple, and four terrific children.

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Only Once

Some of the best photos aren’t over whelming beauty. The best images are those that are full of emotion and will never happen again.


Montana, big sky country

I see an elephant in these Montana clouds. But whatever you see, there’s no denying Montana is truly the Big Sky Country.



Life is Sweet when it is Innocent


Autumn Montana Wedding

This wedding image has always been one of our favorites from the last 12 years of photographing weddings throughout Montana and the U.S.  During a fall rain storm we found this spot along the Yellowstone River in Billings, Montana. It stopped raining for only a half hour that day, and that half hour just happened to be during the bride and groom session.  Hard work and luck were the key to making this photo, not to mention a trusting and adventurous couple.


The Peaceful Beauty of Children

Every child has peaceful happy built into their DNA




Sweet Violet


Small Town Winter Wedding

This past weekend we were so honored to photograph Annie and Alex’s wedding in Huntley, Montana just outside Billings. The ceremony took place in the family church in the town where Annie’s family has lived for a very long time. They were all down-to-earth, centered and lovely people.


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