Bozeman High School Senior Photographer

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One of the types of high school senior photos we like to do well during the session is the action photo that shows the senior’s passion. It can range from swimming to soccer to reading. The photos we take of seniors go beyond what they look like. Our images are all about who they are.

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Big Sky Wedding Photographer


So much of weddings are about the bride, but the groom is integral  of course.  Bride’s are proud of the man they are marrying and I’m always sure to make a portrait of the groom that matches the brides pride. This groom was waiting for a first look with his bride prior to their ceremony at Rainbow Ranch Lodge in Big Sky, Montana last summer. He is such a nice person and unaware of how handsome he is, but his bride knows that and I wanted to have that reflected in his portrait.

Montana Wedding Photographer

0407_SHAINA + JOHN 0730_SHAINA + JOHN storybookwedding


We photograph a lot of weddings in Montana and the Northwest, and every now and then in far flung places around the world. We’ve photographed wedding from Alaska to Hawaii to Texas to New York and Florida, but I never expected Italy. The Italian wedding pictured here was a story book wedding in an Italian villa. Across the road from the villa stands a castle and on the other side of the property are vineyards.

While this Italian wedding venue was fantastic, it reminds me that a wedding no matter the size, budget or local is equally important to the couples who are exchanging sacred vows to one another. I give each wedding my very best effort. Each couple deserves it.

Bozeman Montana Children’s Photographer

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I’ve photographed this little girl and her family for years. Love her attitude.
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Montana Wedding Photogapher





A couple of years ago we photographed this couple’s destination wedding at Paws Up Resort outside Missoula, Montana. Going back to look at weddings we photographed through the years, this one reminds me of how timeless a good image can be. And how valuable great wedding photos are for the couple and their families. 

So If you save money here and there on your wedding plans; please remember that the images are the only thing left of the day. It’s worth spending what budget you can afford on a photographer who you trust to give you amazing images.

Montana Photographer

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013DL Jumping Henry

Montana Family Photography

Today I’m making prints for families from fall sessions. This ought’a warm up winter in their house. Our approach to family photography is to use the beauty of the mountains around Bozeman and Big Sky to make a family photo that is active and artful. Sunset and sunrise are great times of day for showing the depths of the Montana mountains and sky.

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Pretty + Fun = Montana Wedding

Montana is the perfect place to combine elegance, beauty and fun to create a perfect wedding.


Bozeman Childrens Photographer

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We were so fortunate to be asked to photograph Paizley’s first birthday party. Her parents are going to have a fun book to give her someday when she is old enough to appreciate how much they do to make her life safe and happy.




Bozeman Wedding Photographer

When groomsmen get into the fun of the wedding, then for sure it’s going to be a good time for everyone. These groomsmen were all for one and one for all at a Woodlands wedding last year near Bozeman. The fun filters down to the rest of the wedding party and then to the couple and then throughout the guests. 


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