Back to Work in Montana

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After two weeks on the road through the West we are back home in Montana refreshed and ready to work again. Can’t wait for summer in Montana.

Here are a few images from our trip.


dino seaturtle waterfall

Montana Photographer

I think it really important in the new digital world that photographers keep growing in their toning skills by

experimenting with photoshop and other editing tools to get an expanding voice into the images. Photography

is a personal journey and so who are we as photographers if we are not putting our voice into the images?

Bozeman Montana Photographer

This week I gave a talk and class in photographing dogs at The Glass House Photo Group at f11 in Bozeman. After a slide show and discussion we took to the alley with three dogs. Watching the other photographers enjoy making images of the dogs with the same joy I have for it was really gratifying for me. Dogs continue to bring so much happiness to people who spend the time with them.

The weather is getting better and better in Montana for outdoor images. We are already scheduling pet sessions along with family, seniors, kids and weddings for the short Montana photo season of summer and fall. This year we have made an affordable pet session collection of digital images so pet owners can keep the images of their loved ones forever. Give the studio a call or email to get details. In the meantime take a look at our updated “pets and their people” gallery.


glass house blog

Big Sky Wedding

elliecarlellie2 ellie3 ellie4 ellie5 ellie6 ellie7 ellie8 ellie9 ellie10 ellie11 ellie12

Ellie and Carl joined lives and families last week in their Big Sky Chapel, Montana wedding ceremony. The wedding was appropriately kid-centered, and that element made the event so special and fun to photograph and attend.


Montana Wedding Photographer


Bozeman Dog Calendar a Success

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hov checkpassing 2blila1Thanks to everyone who bought the Dogs of Bozeman Calendar and everyone who donated pets and time to make this project a great success. We were able to donate over $3400 to Heart of the Valley for scholarships to dog training classes. Dogs have a tremendously higher successful rate of adoption if their new owners attend these classes. We expect this will make Bozeman an even better dog town and make a lot of dogs very happy with their new owners!

The project would never have come together without the generosity Holly and Josh at Dee O Gee and the immense graphic talents of Maria at Visual Grease.  We are already working on the 2016 Dogs and Their People Calendar. Check our facebook throughout the year as we ask for more dog and owner volunteers.

Again….Thanks Everyone!!!

Bozeman High School Senior Photographer

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One of the types of high school senior photos we like to do well during the session is the action photo that shows the senior’s passion. It can range from swimming to soccer to reading. The photos we take of seniors go beyond what they look like. Our images are all about who they are.

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Big Sky Wedding Photographer


So much of weddings are about the bride, but the groom is integral  of course.  Bride’s are proud of the man they are marrying and I’m always sure to make a portrait of the groom that matches the brides pride. This groom was waiting for a first look with his bride prior to their ceremony at Rainbow Ranch Lodge in Big Sky, Montana last summer. He is such a nice person and unaware of how handsome he is, but his bride knows that and I wanted to have that reflected in his portrait.

Montana Wedding Photographer

0407_SHAINA + JOHN 0730_SHAINA + JOHN storybookwedding


We photograph a lot of weddings in Montana and the Northwest, and every now and then in far flung places around the world. We’ve photographed wedding from Alaska to Hawaii to Texas to New York and Florida, but I never expected Italy. The Italian wedding pictured here was a story book wedding in an Italian villa. Across the road from the villa stands a castle and on the other side of the property are vineyards.

While this Italian wedding venue was fantastic, it reminds me that a wedding no matter the size, budget or local is equally important to the couples who are exchanging sacred vows to one another. I give each wedding my very best effort. Each couple deserves it.

Bozeman Montana Children’s Photographer

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I’ve photographed this little girl and her family for years. Love her attitude.
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